Bullshit slogan of the day:
A drug is a drug.

Among the most dangerous things that happen in AA, is the practice of talking people out of taking their prescribed medications. A common belief among AAs is that the use of any drug is abuse, and taking something such as an antidepressant is no different than chugging a beer. Many believe that one cannot have a proper “spiritual awakening” if our consciousness is tainted by medications. This is laughable when one considers the fact that Bill Wilson was hopped up on hallucinogens when he had his famous “white light experience”, which he wrote about in great detail in Pass It On: The Story of Bill Wilson and How the A.A. Message Reached the World. Somehow, he forgot to mention that he was tripping at the time:

“…After a night of wrestling with his demons, Bill called out, “If there be a God, let him show himself.” …The effect was instant, electric. Suddenly my room blazed with an incredibly white light. I was seized with an ecstasy beyond description. I have no words for this. Every joy I had known was pale by comparison. The light, the ecstasy. I was conscious of nothing else for a time.

Then, seen in the mind’s eye, there was a mountain. I stood upon its summit where a great wind blew. A wind, not of air, but of spirit. In great, clean strength it blew right through me. Then came the blazing thought, ‘You are a free man.’ I know not at all how long I remained in this state, but finally the light and the ecstasy subsided….. As I became more quiet a great peace stole over me, and this was accompanied by a sensation difficult to describe. I became acutely conscious of a presence which seemed like a veritable sea of living spirit. I lay on the shores of a new world. ‘This,’ I thought, ‘must be the great reality. The God of the preachers.’”

Yep, AA was built on the drug induced delusions of a narcissistic leader who believed he had experienced a direct, and literal connection with God. I had a similar experience in college, but I came back to reality once the drugs wore off. I can’t help but think how better off the world would be today if Spanky and Buckwheat, and not God, had shown up in Bill’s drug trip. We might have wound up with the Hee Man Women Haters Club, instead of some religious cult.

AAs don’t like to talk about any of Bill’s drug use, and one is about as likely to have a Mormon missionary show up on the front doorstep to give a lecture on the polygamous world of Joseph Smith, as they are to hear an AA acknowledge the deluded ramblings of their deity. They look at it like a fart in a room full of strangers: Everyone knows it is there lingering, but nobody says anything. It also does not prevent them from dissuading others from taking their needed medication. “A drug is drug” simply means that a person who quits drinking while taking legally prescribed and needed medications, is replacing one drug with another, and they aren’t truly sober. This applies to any type of drug, including those created help curb drinking craving, such as naltrexone. After all, why would a person use a drug to address a spiritual problem? God will be there to fix a person up, whether that be an alcohol craving or acute depression. Those for whom it doesn’t work, just didn’t ask God hard enough.