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I’ve been trying to figure out how to make the comments section of this blog suck less, but I’m at a complete loss. The options seem to be limited with a free account — but I could be missing something. I think that will require and upgrade, or our own domain, which will require $, which might then require advertising of some sort.

Before I do anything like that, I’m wondering if you all think that the comment threading sucks as much as I do. Does it suck enough to do something about it? Those skinny tiered comments, the lack of formatting… It’s hard to follow a debate. Do you think it needs to be fixed, or am I just being to fussy? Do you have any suggestions?

One thing I had in mind was to attach a message board to the blog. Any thoughts on that? My thoughts on that are that having to navigate to another page to discuss posts might just be too unwieldy, but then again, members could start their own threads…

What do you think? Upgrade? Message Board? Leave it alone? Any other ideas?