Second Sober Thought

From The Globe and Mail:

Lately it seems like you can’t open a newspaper (note to readers under 30: newspapers were paper-based text carrying devices used in the 20th century. You know, the thing your parents hold in the morning and sigh over) without reading a story about someone convicted 324 times for drunk driving being sentenced to a box of plain Timbits and missing the first period of the Sens game.

The most recent example was a 40-year-old Ottawa-area “man” who was handed a lifetime driving ban after being convicted of his 10th drunk driving charge. Bernard Richard Brassard was picked up last year when officers saw his car swerving and found a mug of wine on the floor (a dry late harvest Riesling, perhaps). He was given 28 months in prison, less the eight he’d already served while awaiting his sentencing and, once released, will be required to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.



He’ll be required?

If you’ve been busted 10 times for DUI shouldn’t you want to voluntarily attend meetings? If not, you’re beyond repair.

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