So, this guy is studying to be an addictions counselor, and he writes in to the alcohol addiction specialist at AllExperts for help with his paper. This is his question:

Hi, Clyde.

I am studying to be certified as an addictions counselor.  So far, I am doing very well in my class about self-help groups, but I have run up against a wall.  My current assignment asks me to write a paper telling at which of the twelve steps a person is likely to suffer a relapse.  Also, I am asked to designate which of the steps are preparatory and which are treatment. I have spent hours looking for a source that would provide answers to these questions.  Any ideas?


Here’s a quote from Clyde’s reply: “When I hear a person’s fifth step my last question is always ‘Now what did you not tell me that you know already about your inventory that you won’t disclose?’  Invariably, those who say there is nothing will relapse; those that succeed will spill the secret.”

You can read the whole answer here .