So, Tony J has been permanently banned. It’s kind of an event, since we really never thought we’d have to ban anyone, but  I bet nobody’s wondering why. Instead, I bet you’re wondering what the hell took so long.

I’ll tell you what took so long: MA and I really want to make sure that this site is open, and we do not ever want to be accused of censoring someone’s opinions, or banning someone because they disagree with us. Obviously, Tony J stopped disagreeing with us a long time ago, and just started trying to fillibuster and derail any discussion with a spew of the nastiest, unprovoked personal insults and toxic sewage. It never seemed to occur to him that Stinkin’ Thinkin’ is not the town square – it’s our blog. He was here because we let him in, not because he has a right to be here.

When things turned ugly with him (day one), we though that he was proving our point for us more effectively than we were. But, the problem with that is that no matter how much we disagree with AA or AA members, we really don’t think that Tony J is representative of anyone at all, except other abusive, raging, foul-mouthed bigots.

And last night, when Tony J used the term “gay” as an epithet (of course, exposing way more about himself than anyone else), I blew a fuse. So, that’s it. He’s gone. He’s not gone for disagreeing with us – because he doesn’t. He’s gone because he’s despicable and hateful, and he stunk the place up. He can go stink up his friend’s place from now on.

I am sorry for letting the level of discussion take the turn it did over the last few weeks. It won’t happen again.