Welcome, Still Kickin. We have been reserving the “Quote of the Day” for the fascist AA  nutjobs, but I am reposting your comment here as a QOTD because I believe that when you say your piece here, you are speaking for many, which is more important. I hope you stick around. — ftg

Hi to all and sundry,

I spent 25 years recovering and relapsing, nobody’s fault but a result of my own choices,attended both AA and NA, got thoroughly indoctrinated as we do, and now simply suffer shame and regret for my dogmatic rants that may or may not have impacted on others.
After being threatened with harm of a terminal nature by some of the more criminally inclined I decided, in the interests of self preservation, to abandon meetings and members regardless of the outcome telling myself anything has got to be better than this.
I guess the only thing that truly saddens me is that a sponsor I had for many years and who I considered a real friend has completely abandoned me and although I have tried to contact him has studiously ignored me,
I surmise this is true of many cultist organizations, “Play by our rules or we aint playing”
All things considered, I still think Fellowship played a big part in assisting me to reclaim my life, which I have to say is now the kind of life I always wanted for myself,same job for a decade, same friends for the same period,a realization that my Higher Self is my greatest asset, and freedom from dogma is true freedom,
Wishing you all the Same