Goooooodmorning, Stinkin Thinkin!

Hey, Hank Hill…. I mean, MA is gonna be on the radio today! The Morning Show hosts at Radio Skid Row, 88.9FM in Sydney, Australia, have been exploring the cult aspects of 12-Step fellowship recently, and will be interviewing him at 5:30 PM  Atlantic Standard Time (UTC -04), which is 8:30 am GMT  in Sydney.

You can listen live to Radio Skid Row here: .

Radio Skid Row’s website is a little buggy (at least for me) but you can read about them here. And you can visit their facebook page here.

Edited to add:

I just tuned in, since the Morning Show has just started. The hosts are interspersing great music (The Pixies “Monkey Gone to Heaven”) with news and commentary about religious intolerance and human rights. Turn on the radio.

Update: Listen now!