In my “conversations” with AAs, it’s occurred to me that, in general, these people are so insulated that when they try to engage anyone outside the fold, their pathological lack of perspective allows then to unselfconsciously just… say shit. They just say shit that no one whose brains aren’t scrambled (in a very precise way) would be able to respond to — and they have no idea how they sound to critical thinkers. It’s really like they get so used to it, that they believe no one is listening but people who exist in the same creepy cocoon with them — who have no other point of reference. You know how abusers will bully and gaslight in the privacy of their own homes, but will act like gentle souls out in public? It’s as if these people have forgotten that there actually is a general public, who will see through it.

I’m not generous enough to attribute Dr. Dave & Bill’s latest column (or any of their columns) in the NY Daily News to scrambled brains, though, because these guys are making a living shilling for AA.

Say it again!

I believe that Dr. Dave and Bill are making a living shilling Alcoholics Anonymous; their bread and butter is in breaking the AA Traditions by publicly advocating for AA.

I don’t believe these guys are scrambled, I believe they’re sociopathically cynical and opportunistic. I believe that they know just how precisely certain people are scrambled, and know that their own very livelihood is dependent upon this precise scramblation, and spend their time either validating it or promoting it.

That is my preface to this link to their latest column (with a hat tip to Speedy, who directed me there this morning): Recovery Wars: Urge To Find Unique Support Groups May Prolong Addict’s Bad Habits.

Aside from the very title of the article, the money quote is:

DR. DAVE: What I think of the SMART Program is that it could be another fantastic ride in the Disneyland of Recovery. And dangerous, too.

BILL: Dangerous?

DR.DAVE:  It is dangerous for people like you and Flora to insist that every new idea that comes along needs to be a competitive straw man for Alcoholics Anonymous.

The problem, when you’re speaking to an insular crowd of people who are brainwashed, is that you might forget, time and again, that other people might be listening, and you might have to answer to the court of public opinion. (Psst! Guys! The barndoor’s open! xyzpdq!)

The comments are well worth a read.