“…before you move on to the fourth step of the AA and Alanon program, there is a personal step you may want to take. You might want to learn a simple process for learning how to turn things over to this God of your understanding…give Him a test…try Him out (or HER, if that is your version of God). Many people have done this by starting a Prayer Box or Prayer Pocket…a small box or purse where you can put short notes to your God. Write down something you are worried about and write on the note that you are turning this problem over to God to solve. Give Him your biggest problems, the ones you have no idea how to solve. Then, really turn it over! Try not to think about it! OK…you’re still going to think about it, but when you do, just tell yourself that you’ve turned it over to God. Eventually, there will be a solution….”

Deborah, AA.