Joedrywall asked in the comments whether Kishline has anything to say after her release, so I just wanted to post the Dateline NBC  transcript, which features her meeting with the bereaved mother, Sheryl Davis. You can find it here.

Kishline also has written a book, co-authored by Sheryl Maloy (Davis). You can buy it here.

Or, go to Amazon and read the two 2-star reviews of her book, here. One of the reviews is a little demented, which you can see for yourself. I mean, it criticizes Maloy for her “naive” religious beliefs (which seems like a tautology to me), in trying to reconcile the death of her daughter.

But the other review is from an AA, who says this:

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2.0 out of 5 stars Sorry, maybe, but no recovery here, January 21, 2008
By A reader (Michigan) – See all my reviews

Audrey, it seems, was capable of going to any length for a drink — even starting a national campaign called Moderation Management — but isn’t willing to work a program of recovery even after killing a father and his young daughter. Recovery isn’t complicated, but AA doesn’t do the work for you. You get what you give. My guess is that Audrey has never really worked a program. Attending AA is meaningless if you don’t do the work involved. After prison, she still chose alcohol, even to the point of giving up her children. Audrey needs treatment and then a year in a women’s halfway house, and an active, ongoing program in AA. Once she does that, and stays sober, then she’ll be a story of inspiration. For now, she is an ongoing tragedy.

Leave it to an AA to use this unthinkable nightmare as an opportunity to wag her self-righteous, spiritual-not-religious finger, reminding everyone that AA cannot fail; it can only be failed — while utterly ignoring Kishline’s co-author.