AA and twelve-step treatment is but one little corner of the world of quackery. There is a long list of treatments that fall under under the pseudoscience banner, and high on the list is homeopathy. Simply stated, homeopathic medicine is not medicine, and homeopaths are quacks. There, I’ve put that to rest.

Now that I got that out of the way, I wanted to point the readers here to a blog entry from PZ Myers over at Pharyngula. This is the most read science blog on the internet, and in my opinion is the best. I have found it particularly informative because I am a non-scientist, and he explains things in an understandable and entertaining way. Those who have not read the blog should check it out.

One thing that bothers me as much as pseudoscience, is the suppression of free thought, so when I learned that WordPress had shut down a blog that was critical of homeopathy, based on a complaint from a quack homeopathic doctor – specifically Christopher Maloney – I felt compelled to join in the chorus of protesters. The whole story can be read here at Pharyngula.

Real science is not afraid of being challenged. In fact, this is the basis of peer review and the scientific method, and is how we advance in our understanding. Homeopaths, like AA, avoid real science like the plague. Apparently, they react to criticism in the same way, as well.