“Accusing others of arrogance is the epitome of arrogance. Did you read what you wrote? “Alcoholism is not a disease.” Are you a scientist Doctor or just an opinionated drunk that was ‘constitutionally incapable of being honest’ with yourself ? People that complain about AA are those that don’t want to work the 12 step program. Don’t knock those of us that do benefit from AA. AA has saved millions What does it matter, really, if its a cult if you don’t belong? The point of getting sober is to become a productive member of society. Not to hide in Jonestown and drink Koolaid. Do you have a drinking problem? Get a sponsor, go to meetings, read the book, work the steps and work with others and you will feel better. As far as the disease aspect, chemo puts cancer into remission like AA puts my drinking into remission. Insulin does not cure diabetes but it helps the diabetic maintain a normal life…just like AA helps me maintain a normal life. I am sorry you are so angry.”

Martijo, AA, serenity ranting to someone who does not believe that AA is not a disease.