Among our regular readers of this blog is a fundamentalist Christian, John, with an interest in the heresy of AA and the 12-steps. He is a nice guy, and though he does not comment in the public forum, I have received regular correspondence from him since we started a little less than a year ago. I don’t doubt that after reading this blog for a year, he believes that we are headed toward eternal damnation, and after reading his blog, I feel he is off the charts, batshit crazy. That’s OK, because we still like each other, and we have an understanding – and though we agree on few things, we have a common disdain for Alcoholics Anonymous – albeit for different reasons.

John recently sent me an article about AA that was posted in the Worldview Times, an online magazine that serves as a nexus of information for fundamentalist loonies everywhere. The article is written by John Lanagan, a deluded fundy who is currently writing a book about Alcoholics Anonymous, and who believes, among other things, that he has been cured by God of his homosexuality. I would love to see this guy duke it out with a couple our regular, more vocal AAs, who comment on this blog, each side believing that God reserves His miracles for their respective home turfs. Here is a link to the article Alcoholics Anonymous Cofounders Were Not Christians:

It is a fearful thing, leaving AA. The Big Book (the AA “bible”) states, “We thought we could find an easier, softer way. But we could not.”[1] Because this passage of AA “scripture” is taken literally, alcoholics rarely look elsewhere for help. Christians continue to jam their God, the Ancient of Days, into AA’s chameleon theology.

‘Do not participate in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead even expose them.’ (Ephesians 5:11-12)

It is not just fear that keeps us bound to this all-gods religion. The 12 Step experience becomes an idol-long-term involvement almost always results in a transference of faith. Bluntly stated, when it comes to sobriety, many Christians end up with more faith in the power of the 12 Step program than in Jesus Christ.” – John Lanagan

I agree with this, not because I think that worshiping a false idol is the work of Satan, but because worshiping a tree or a Teletubby is fucking nuts.

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