“Problem with AA is that it is filled with folks you are describing. They either are not real alcoholics or have forgotten how painful trying to get sober is.

I am happy to talk with you if you want to hear what I have to say, sounds like you’ve had an experience with middle of the road soft AA, the program works incredibly well. I will give you my # if you want it, I do pick up the phone.

You say you have worked all 12 steps, maybe your sponsor led you through and passed on what he had to offer, which more than likely wasn’t the clear cut directions in the big book. If you did indeed work all the steps thoroughly you could honestly say the following.
I understand lack of power
I got on my knees and said the 3rd step prayer to a God of my understanding.
I did a thorough 4th step inventory.
I shared all my inventory with another person
I made a list of ALL people I have harmed
I made ammends to ALL people I harmed.
I prayed and meditated daily
I worked with others

That’s what the program is, if you did all this as outlined by the book you would be sober….” – Rob B, explaining to a fellow AA how he failed the program, and how the program cannot fail.