It has been some time since I have made a post here, but after a hiatus due to both some health issues and just plain tiredness, I am back to post until I once more get burned out and need to take a break.

I like to mock AA, and among the things I enjoyed about writing in this blog is the good nature of many AAs who joined in the conversation. One thing that FTG and I hoped to convey is that although we aren’t big fans of Alcoholics Anonymous, we have no problem with AAs — even those who peer in here every so often and go off on us with a serenity rant. I hope to provide both the hilarity and mockery that the readers came to enjoy, and I hope that many of them find their way back here to join in the conversations. I have noticed that many of the comments made here have either been blocked, or have wound up in our spam bin, left unattended. We don’t block comments, no matter how vulgar or ridiculous they might sound. I’ll approve those comments that have been blocked over the last few months, so you might find some suddenly appear out of context. I apologize for that.

Thanks, folks.