Interesting listening for those of you inclined to examine alcohol & substance abuse:


Renowned cognitive science researcher Dr. Keith Stanovich talks about his book “The Robot’s Rebellion” and things like ‘Universal Darwinism’, genes, memes,first & second level rationality (e.g., the “examined life” in terms of working with addiction), and other fun, fun, fun egg-headed stuff.

Steppers will almost certainly repond with the canned circular rhetoric straight out of the Bill W. playbook (much like that esteemed academic Roger Ebert).  Still, those of us who haven’t yet given up on rationality — or have recently made a conscious decision to turn our will and lives back over to it in lieu of 12X12’s invisible uber-dad — will find lots of thought provoking ideas in this hour of talk.

Key quote from Dr. Stanovich on the subject of ‘parasitic memes’: “A good idea would be to avoid memes that resist evaluation.”

Sound familiar to anyone?