Recently, the Huffington Post has been needling Glenn Beck (gratefully recovering aloholic) by documenting all his whackadoom conspiracy rants. One recent display of lunacy is his art history class, proving that the artwork in Rockefeller Center is communist/fascist [someone needs to open a book] propaganda, and therefore… idunno oil companies are… something… and Rockefeller is a progressive commie fascist.

This made me laugh, mostly because it’s funny. I mean, Beck is on the verge of an epic meltdown, and I can’t tell you how much it delights me to watch spontaneous human combustion in slow motion. (Yeah, I know. I’m not raising the dead in the marketplace yet, so take your own inventory.)

The other reason it made me laugh is that Beck is a man who owes his life to John D. Rockefeller, who was a patron of Bill W.’s and Dr. Bob’s, and also funded the publication of The Big Book. The money JDR donated to these two men paid their mortgages, and supported them financially, while they expanded AA. Look it up: Rockefeller + Alcoholics Anonymous).

And of course, aside from his teetotaling ways, it was his progressive sensibility (the one Beck is fah-reaking out about) that inspired Rockefeller to donate the money to this cause, and, yes, also to add the stipulation that this money was to be used to make AA self-sufficient. Despite my feeeeelings about AA, this is commendable.

Sometimes, you give a person a few fish AND you also teach them to fish, so they have something to eat while they learn to fish. These guys did that. (But then, sometimes you give a person a few fish because you want them beholden to you… Give someone a fish, and you own the poor sucker.)

I know that our readers are generally averse to seeing political discussion here on Stinkin’ Thinkin’. If you’re one of those readers, I hope you’ll indulge me. I’m an unapologetic long-haired-hippie-type-pinko-fag. I just couldn’t help but draw some parallels here.

There’s no way to quantify this, but it seems to me that, generally, AA old-timers are very conservative people. I’m sure there are exceptions. But, as I’ve gone on and on about here, an authoritarian mindset seems to be a prerequisite for making AA “work” (and I’m talking in the conventional sense of AA, not the By the Book way). I’m not saying that AAs are all authoritarian types, however. For every one who embraces their inner panty-sniffer, there are even more who will submit to their authority. These submissive types also have an authoritarian mindset; they just inhabit the other side of the coin.

It’s so odd how they, and the political conservatives, lay claim to an ideology that, in principle, is very generous, and somehow manage to use it to make selfishness a virtue.  Here’s an interesting example.

And here’s just something funny.

PS – This is aslo funny: I actually went to Beck’s website to very sweetly let him know that Rockefeller funded AA, and his anti-spam-fill-in-the-secret-code word was “PREACH.” As MA says, I shit you not.