So, this guy drinks enough vodka and beer to wind up comatose in the hospital. He comes to, and rubs his naked ass on a nurse’s arm and then tries to pull her breast off. Of course, he ends up in court, and his defense attorney offers this up:

Mole was so drunk he could not remember what had happened, and was now attending Alcoholics Anonymous.

The judge ordered him to 18 months “supervision” (not sure what that means in UK) and alcohol counseling (which our Stinkin Thinkin friend, K, has informed us does not mean AA/12-step as it does here in the US), plus he has to write a letter of apology to the nurse, which will probably go something like this:

“Dear lesbian nurse, I regret that you’re such a prude. I am also sorry that I violated your delicate virgin arm with my hot ass, even though I know you wanted me. Plus, if your ta-tas were a little more licious, I wouldn’t have had to pull so hard, so I’m sorry about that. Anyway, I don’t remember a thing, which you probably hear a lot.”

This man wasn’t ordered to attend AA. He is going to AA to mitigate his sentencing. The fact that people go to AA before they go to court is another aspect of AA that ought to be looked at more closely. There’s not a single drunk that isn’t advised to attend AA before presenting themselves to a judge, in order to demonstrate a commitment to change. These are people who are not required to have their attendance slips signed. They’re people following their lawyers advice because it plays well in court. “But judge, since this unfortunate event, which my client can’t even remember, he has been attending AA.” And no one can vouch for that.

AA is actively recruiting youngsters — highschool kids. They have ACOH for tots, even. We’ve had AA members here on the blog insist that AA is a safe place for kids. Forget about the court-ordered members and the regular predators who latch on to AA because it’s a great place to find vulnerable people. How about people like this, who go to meetings before their sentencing in order to make their case?