Steve Orma’s four-part series, critiquing the 12-Steps, continues with his response to his commenters’ criticism. He takes on the subject of powerlessness today, which is a tough one, because AAs shift the meaning of the word to fit the argument. That makes approaching the subject logically a great feat.

In my experience, “powerlessness” is a slippery term. Depending on whom you’re talking to, powerless can mean any number of things: being powerlessness over the fact of one’s alcoholism (the way someone is powerless over the fact of one’s diabetes); being powerless over alcohol itself, meaning that until they turn their own will over to HP(tm) they cannot control it; being powerless after taking that first drink (meaning that once they start, they can’t stop… until they stop, I guess); being powerless over everything, as a lowly human being…

Steve asks a lot of interesting questions in this piece. I am curious about how the AAs will respond.

And here’s a relevent video from blamethenile: