Hat tip to Roland from Yahoo’s EFTCoAA board.

Here for all of you is a higher power you can simultaneously despise AND surrender your will & life over to:


If this is the guy Wilson was talking about when he wrote, “[g]od either is or he isn’t”, then I am so down with ‘IS’.

Visit, worship, donate, humbly ask for the removal of character defects, & laugh your ass off.

Go to:


and show ’em some love.  (We’re all grown-ups here; we can figure out what the initials stand for. Or, you can just look at the right-hand sidebar … ya eejits!)

ADDENDUM: My psychic connection with my YouTube “sponsor” grows stronger with each passing moment.  He informs me that — while this is probably just one more example of my durned ‘restlessness, irritability, & discontentment’ — he’s going to let it slide.  After all AA, he reminds me,  is like the “Hotel California”:

You can check out any time you like

But you can never lee … ee … eave

(big fat ’70s guitar solo)

Man, if that ain’t tolerance.