“It is a common misconception that “IT WORKS! IT REALLY DOES!” is a reference to the AA Program solving of the drink problem. It isn’t. The Program is not about not drinking. It is about having a spiritual awaking. The removal of the desire to drink is incidental.”

I read this comment from Danny the other day. I was happy to read it because I happen to agree with what wrote (I am amazed at how much I actually agree with our resident AAs here). I have gone back today reread some of the latest posts and comments because I have been away, and when I ran across this again I thought I would try and get a clarification from Danny, and I wanted to get a couple of other questions answered by Danny or Jim or Cuda (or any other AA), as well.

My first question is: If removal of the desire to drink is incidental to the program, why is it necessary for one to be “real alcoholic” in order to benefit? Is God only interested in solving the problems of a certain few people who have a drinking addiction?

My next question, which I asked in the comment section before, but was not answered is: What is God doing before one begins the steps, or after a person stops living the steps? Because He is omniscient, and can therefore see a person struggling, it makes me wonder why He helps only those specific alcoholics (real alcoholics) working the steps. I would understand this if AA were a religion, because there are consequences in most religions for those who question or lose faith; but, AA is not a religion, so why would God ignore non-AA, real alcoholics?

Finally, a question regarding something I had seen Cuda write in the SR Forum. He wrote: “God can be Allah, Buddah, Jesus, God, RA, etc…You can not however use a “Rock” or a “Door Stop” for your HP.” Although Cuda wrote this, it is the consensus understanding within AA, as I have seen essentially the same thing repeated hundreds of times.

My question is this: How is this not religious Heresy? It does, after all, go against the teachings of Islam and Christianity (among others), who teach that there is but one god. It is, after all, the very first commandment from God – “You shall have no other gods before Me…” Secondly, if a person truly does believe in their Christian faith, for example, that there is only the god of The Bible, and that all other gods are fiction, then how can a Christian advocate someone use one of these fictitious gods, knowing they are not real, and therefore cannot intervene in a person’s life? Obviously, it is ridiculous to have a doorknob as a higher power, but to a true believer, it is no more ridiculous or ineffective than using some other religion’s god. How is Allah more effective to a Christian AA than a doorknob? What is the difference?

And to any non-AAs, if you could refrain from any smartass comments (at least before I get some answers), I would greatly appreciate that.