The YouStink forum, presided over by BastisWifey, posts all the episodes of A&E’s “Intervention.” I don’t know why I punish myself by watching that show… It never fails to make me really sick. (I just watched a “where are they now” episode, where one of the interventionists admitted to relapsing — I think that’s what he admitted to, because it was hard to navigate the euphemisms — and taking a leave of absence till he sorts himself out.)

I’ve noticed that Alcoholics Anonymous product placing is very prominent when they get to the rehab part of the program: someone will be clutching their Big Book; a 12 Steps and 12 Traditions will be on display on a bookshelf behind the counselor’s head; slogans are spewed… I wonder if AAWS pays for these plugs.

Anyway, I was looking around over there, and found a link to a video by Dr. Doom, who had been featured on Intervention, but had asked Bastiswifey to remove his episode. And he offered an explanation.