I’m a ZipCar member (if you live in a major metropolitan area, can’t afford a car but find that you could certainly use the convenience of one on a time-to-time basis, then I heartily recommend looking into a subscription: www.zipcar.com … plugola there zipcar; now howzabout showin “stinkin’ thinkin'” some web love?) & rented a nice little Hyundai tonight to visit some friends in the outer boroughs.

Anyway, got back before midnight & the garage where I needed to drop off the car was right next door to a church where they run a pretty constant schedule of AA meetings. Now I realize this is a family blog so I’ll try to be discreet: I had to crap like there was no tomorrow & the garage attendant wouldn’t let me use the bathroom in the garage.

So … I locked up the car, hauled ass up to the meeting (already in progress, open sharing going on — much “gratitude”, apologies for being late to the meeting & general neurosis being bandied about), & ducked into the can.

After relieving myself, I noticed a tray of brownies & helped myself to one. The contribution basket must’ve already made the rounds because the speaker was choosing people from the floor to ‘share’ at this point. The brownie was home-made & frankly a pretty tasty brownie. After not seeing anyone in the room I recognized, I turned on my iPod & finished the brownie.

Then I washed up & headed home — feeling thankful for the brownie & that I was not among the roomful of crazies who needed to ‘share’ their dirty emotional laundry late on a Friday night in NYC. I live up the block from Elaines & Jack Nicholson was dining there this evening. I ordered a seltzer with lime & when the great man was stepping out I took the opportunity to shake his hand, tell him I was a big fan of his since “The Last Detail” & congratulate him on the Lakers winning the championship. He slapped me on the back, said, “Thanks. We deserved it. Take care.”

I went home very happy. I feel no regret about using the meeting for a safe place to relieve myself nor for glomming a brownie.

Is god going to avenge this transgression of mine? Let me know so I can keep an eye out — I’ve given god the slip before & if somebody can give me a heads up I’m pretty sure I can handle it this time, too.

Keep coming back … if you need to use the bathroom & have a sweet tooth.