A reader writes:

Dear Dr. Friendthegirl,

I been noticing these fucking posts you been puttin’ up on the Stinkin’ Thinkin’ website under the heading “Keep Coming Back,”  but every article you link to shows how some AA nutbag either crashed a car or committed some kind of really nasty felony. Now, even where I come from, that’s not good behavior. What’s the deal with you (as a professional, of course) advising people to “keep coming back”?  As the died-in-the-wool 12-step believer I am, I know that I can offer that advice … knowing that promises will be fulfilled & I will die, be resurrected, & ascend bodily into heaven. 

But, seriously, in good conscience — how can you as (perhaps not actually a ‘doctor’ but someone who plays one on a blog) advise people to keep coming back to AA.  That really fucks with me & my higher power is not offering any definitive answers at this juncture of time.


Angry Speedy


Dear Angry Speedy,

I understand your confusion. Let me do a little mirroring here: What you’re asking me is how I, as a “normie,” can advise felonious whackjobs to attend AA, when only AA members “get it” and, therefore, have the right – nay, the obligation – to offer bad advice. It seems that my presumption fucks with your sense of entitlement as an AA. You find something a little disingenuous, perhaps, in my spouting slogans that I don’t at least pretend to believe?

Considering the fact that “good conscience” is some kind of fussy anti-AA bailiwick, I can see how this would cause you to blow a fuse.  But look, Angry Speedy, I am not above serving as a conduit for a brand-name deity I don’t believe in. Don’t get yourself all wadded up over it. Just maybe one of these nutbags will be your sponsor some day, and when I die in an alley off Skid Road, you can say, “HP ™ works in mysterious ways” and really mean it.


Dr. friendthegirl