My apologies to my millions of adoring fans out there for my ‘missing in action’ status here at the front page of the “Stinkin’ Thinkin'” blog. That said, I have been keeping myself busy. I don’t want to characterize my posting on other boards as ‘fighting the good fight’ because I don’t like to think of myself as ‘fighting’ AA and/or 12X12.

What I would say is that I am very much on board with the ‘fight’ for widespread access to alternatives to AA/12X12 — whether those alternatives be goup/group therapy-based (e.g., SMART, SOS, LifeRing, etc.), or individual CBT-based options (e.g., Rational Recovery), or pharmaceutical (e.g., Naltrexone, Baclofen, etc.), or any & all combinations of the above.

AA/12X12 adherants & advocates will often flippantly say, “Hey, AA’s not for everyone. Says so right there in the Big Book.” The reality on the ground — especially here in the U.S. — is that while ‘AA might not be for everyone’, with more than 90% of treatment centers offering ‘Twelve Step Facilitation’ as their primary therapeutic approach AA (and courts, and [as ftg finely illustrated at length in her recent ‘Captive Audience’ posts] prison systems) is what just about everyone gets.

Although I personally think that tide is very rapidly turning, for some it’s not turning fast enough. Witness the give-and take at the ‘Wired In’ recovery website:

I agree wholeheartedly with Martin Nicolaus (founding member of LifeRing, author of “Empowering Your Sober Self”, and author of the terrific ‘New Recovery’ blog [link in the ‘Blogroll’ section on the right hand side of this page]): AA’s connection to the ‘disease’ concept is a mile wide & an inch deep. It’s purely opportunistic & if dragged into the antiseptic of the light of day it will shrivel up & die.

Cleaving to the ‘disease’ model — whether or not Bill Wilson ever actually explicitly said alcoholism was a disease or not — is going to deal a heavy blow in the very near future to AA & the 12X12 method. Diseases are treated with science & medicine. Likening alcoholism’ to diabetes just isn’t going to cut it any more — especially when diabetics don’t have to ‘turn their wills & lives over to the care of God’ as a primary course of treatment. (For the ‘iffiness’ surrounding even the definition of diabetes as a ‘disease’ please see:

Any way, while the ‘King of Pop’ may be gone the ‘King of Angry’ remains. (“Feel the power of the dark side, Luke …”)

Go over to ‘WiredIn’, register, & say your piece on the ‘disease’ issue.