The stupid is suffocating with Dr. Dave and Bill this weekend. How two grown men can collaborate to pack so many levels of wankery and inanity into such a short column should be studied.

Bill sees one of the signs of the apocalypse in Obama’s tobacco legislation. And of course, this rant (which is worthy of the comments section on just naturally and smoothly — totally unforced — leads to the subject of AA… I sweardagohd, I am going to have to design some kind of a helmet to protect my brain from turning to squish when I read this stuff. I still haven’t recovered from my Grapevine Experiment.

DR. DAVE: What you heard from Bush was a man quietly noting his addiction and going into a private meeting with other recovering people. What you heard from Obama was that he was “95% cured.” What would you say to an AA member who told you he “fell off the wagon from time to time?”


BILL: What you’re saying is, tobacco works? But even so, Dave, while I might give Obama a light in the midst of some crisis, if I heard President Bush ask for a shot of Old Granddad in the same situation, I’d hide the booze. So, what advice do you have for the nicotine addict who says life is too stressful for him/her to give up its magic?