Just in case there are any television executives or independent producers who peruse this blog & have:

  1. A sense of humor
  2. A taste for refereed violence as well as “love, tolerance, & service”
  3. A fair amount of liquid capital (my creative juices come cheap, but a guy’s gotta pay the rent)
  4. Access to two separate faded celebrity ‘rehab’ facilities (ala Dr. Drew and … Dr. Drew’s main Hollywoood competition)
  5. Connections in the Mixed Martial Arts sports field

Here’s my pitch — “Celebrity Rehab” meets “The Ultimate Fighter”.

Think about it.  You get washed up, bottomed out quasi-celebrities (e.g., Tom Sizemore & Heidi Fleisch) to go through the 12-step process at their respective celebrity rehabs.  Then, you get them to fight one another in the octagon for definitive ‘sober’ credibility.

I mean, a blood match between Sizemore & Fleisch would draw an audience that might warrant ‘pay-per-view’ status!  Duff McKagan versus Mel Gibson.  The porno actress (I think her stage name is Mary Carey … or something) versus Lindsay Lohan.  The possibilities are endless.  Elbow strikes followed up by Big Book quotes … this shit practically writes itself.

Send your six figure checks in care of ‘speedy0314’ at donewithaa.wordpress.com.  I’ll have my girl call your girl.