I’m gonna make this one short & to the point.  The April/May 2009 issue (yeah, I know – day late, dollar short) of Free Inquiry magazine has a terrific article entitled “Exposing The Myth of Alcoholics Anonymous” by Steven Mohr.

While you have to pick up a hard copy of the magazine to read the article (I just got to read it by chance while the local CFI chapter had a display copy at a local event), there are two blog posts responding to the piece that are well worth checking out:


This is probably the strongest of the two blog posts. Written by an MD (Harriet Hall) who specializes in debunking quackery, the good doctor gives the “program” a good drubbing in the body of her post & shows no fear in taking stepper responders to the woodshed in the comments section.


This is a blog post from another Canadian who had only a very general idea of AA & was shocked to actually get a gander at the (to some eyes, at least) seamy, faith-based underbelly of supposedly ‘medical’ solution.

Free Inquiry is an American-based publication & it’s been a long, long time since any American publication has taken on AA top to bottom (i.e., not just some ‘rogue group’ like Midtown or some ‘rogue’ individuals like Michael Beebe [9th step rapist] or the guy who shot his sponsor for revealing his homosexuality to other group members).  For the secular-minded, it’s a great read in general.  They deserve support just for having the guts to publish this piece alone.

Free Inquiry April/May 2009

Check it out.