[Correction: This piece doesn’t come from a legitimate news source, but an online web content mill.]

This is kind of a funny piece, because, while the author wants to present AA in the best light possible, he also wants to make sure that everyone else does, too. Clearly, he has experienced some ineffective evangelizers, and thinks it’s enough of an issue to dedicate a colum in a newspaper to it. But, at the same time, he doesn’t want to make it seem as if he really has any good reason to bother, because condescending, self-obsessed, excruciatingly boring, humorless blowhards with no respect for anyone else’s time are the very rare exception — almost not even worth mentioning, you know? So, not like it needs saying, among us spiritual transcendants, but… on the remote chance that you might be both an AA member and a jerk, not that the two aren’t mutually exclusive, but… nevermind.