Did I slip through some kind of an interdimensional google wormhole? I found an article, in a mainstream news source (The Caledonia Courrier, in BC), titled “Were You Conned?” in which the word “con” refers to AA.

Go give them some love.

Here’s a little excerpt:

The perception and the hype surrounding these twelve step programs give everyone the impression that these programs are the only way to become clean and sober. The 12 Step modalities are laden with caveats which often take one down the path of misunderstanding. Traditional recovery insists on labeling one’s self. (ie: “My name is….. and I am an addict/alcoholic, etc.). This can be self-defeating. Labels can hurt. Rene Descartes once said; “it is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it.”

When we label ourselves we deny our right to use our minds constructively.

Right on!