I hope they’re keeping the light on at the local battered women’s shelter.


A 40-year-old Southbridge man allegedly beat his wife because of her leg tattoo with another man’s name on it.

Adam R. Sauvageau of 53 Worcester St., Apt. 1, pleaded not guilty yesterday in Dudley District Court to assault and battery, witness intimidation, breaking and entering during the daytime for a felony and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Judge Neil G. Snider ordered Mr. Sauvageau released on personal recognizance. But Mr. Sauvageau must wear an electronic monitoring bracelet, refrain from abusing his wife, remain alcohol-free with screenings and not leave the state. He must also attend six weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and obey all laws.

On Tuesday, police found the woman, who had married Mr. Sauvageau April 6, “badly bruised and beaten,” a police report said.

Mr. Sauvageau during a two-week span allegedly punched and bruised her leg to cover the tattoo. He took a large, heated knife and threatened to brand off the tattoo. He also punched his wife elsewhere on her body, the report said.

Mr. Sauvageau threw her into the tub in their home, punched her and pulled some of her hair out, the report said. She fled to an upstairs apartment to call police but Mr. Sauvageau allegedly kicked in the neighbor’s door. Police arrived shortly after and arrested him on domestic assault and battery and other charges. The woman was taken by ambulance to Harrington Memorial Hospital, which does not release information on ambulance calls.

The woman told police she has repeatedly said she would leave Mr. Sauvageau, but he threatens to kill her and breaks apartment furniture. She told police Mr. Sauvageau has a severe alcohol problem.

On Wednesday, Mr. Sauvageau was arrested again after he allegedly kicked in the front door of his Worcester Street apartment.