Here is an interesting news story about guy in Portland, Maine; who was arrested yesterday for terrorizing, stalking his AA group, possession of a firearm by a felon and possession of a firearm in a school zone. Good times….good times. Sigh.

The arrested man, Herbert Jones (or Herbert J., as I will call him to protect his anonymity), made a reference to pedophiles being in the group. There were no convicted pedophiles at the meeting, although this guy may have heard a confession or two from those within the group. If that is the case, those pedophiles are protected from any AA confessions being used against them in court, as the courts have ruled AA to be a religious organization, and those confessions are like confessions given to any clergy. The guy could just be delusional, in which case I am surprised he left AA to begin with, as I would think it would be the perfect place for him.

I’m not sure how AA failed this guy. Maybe it was as simple as him doing something stupid, like making Rambo his higher power. Maybe he is just an over zealous 13th stepper who had heard one too many aphorism, and couldn’t take it anymore. Whatever the case, this guy fell well short of the promises offered to him in the ‘Big Book’. I’m surprised this kind of thing does not happen at meetings more often. Mixing together so many narcissistic egomaniacs and court appointed felons in one room is a lethal enough cocktail, and enough to make any self respecting wingnut go postal.


Apparently, he was delusional. This begs the question: If God was removing this guy’s shortcomings, why not start out with his bipolar disorder? Maybe he just didn’t make it to step 7, in which case I’ll give God a pass.