From “The Miracle: Only One Way Out,” by Don Cobb.

When real truth became a matter of opinion 40 years ago in many Baby Boomers’ minds, evil and insanity promptly moved in to occupy the space where truth used to be. Any person of any healthy religion on the planet (not cults or Satanists) or 12 Stepper worth his/her mud will testify that only through rigorous honesty and learning to tell the truth with love were they able to begin to develop spiritually and then begin to overcome the insanity that comes with the moral and ethically relative thinking that many Americans began adopting a few decades ago. The truth will set you free. It’s a fact.

In order for the USA to overcome what’s become a huge burden socially, including financial and moral bankruptcy for our nation and it’s leaders, the individual (that would be you) must surrender to the fact that there is a right and wrong, that the truth is not just a matter of opinion, that good ethics are vital, that both socially and personally we have to take a stand morally and that without God none of us are going to walk our lives out with integrity.

Sorry, I think I would rather go boil my head than comment on this.