This is a conversation about 13th stepping with the good folks who belong to the “Friends of Bill W” group. Some of these guys would even make our friend, McGowdog, blush. Here is the original post:

ok guys, we’re having a going away party for one of our dear friends who is moving forward on his path. one of the events we’re having at the part is 13 Step Twister. i would love it if you guys can share some of the best 13 step pick up lines you’ve heard over the years. remember cheezy is always good when it comes to pick up lines.

example…….i loved what you had to say at the podium, want to get some coffee?

Pretty cool, huh? I wonder if they played 13th Step Twister over at the Midtown group. Here are some of the fun responses. Tell me if you are impressed, ladies:

” Wanna come to my place and read the big book?”

“Let me help myself to your bottom.”

“Allow me to get you on your back – before you get on your feet”

“Let’s be of service to each other: You gotta give it up to keep it.””

“You can’t get drunk with a cock in yr mouth”

“I’m right behind you – I’ll guide you until you’re filled with a spiritual experience. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.”

“that hoop you have to jump through is not the only thing that is bigger than you think”

“They told me to get a service position – I like servicing newcomers, are you game?”

“‘That is a great shirt. Want to know what I call that color? Clitoral pink’. Yes indeedy, whispered in my ear by a 100 year old jerk who preyed on us at the in house rehab meeting.”

It makes sense that these folks refer to themselves as “Friends of Bill W”, because they emulate him so well. He claimed to be pious, but was in reality a womanizing scumbag who banged anything that moved. He even gave part of his estate away to his mistress. I guess these guys just learned by example. This attitude permeates AA, and is really scary considering some of the scoundrels who get sentenced to AA. Any social deviant who pleads the “I am an alcoholic and can’t help it” excuse, is very likely going to be sentenced to AA. What makes this more sickening, is these are the same folks who shove serenity prayers and sanctimonious quotes littered with God references down the throats of anyone who will listen.

Trust me on this one: If you were to call these guys out on this nonsense, the finger would be pointed at you in some way such as “stop taking other people’s inventory”. Or like is described in this post. It is all part of the giant mind fuck that is AA.