I just randomly landed on “Tony’s Blog” and found this little essay — addressing a completely different topic, but with exactly the same sentiments. This paragraph expresses a dynamic that I hate just so much:

Now suppose you were invited to be healed by a crystal healer and you decline because you have other relevant tasks to achieve. What would you say when asked why the declination? You wouldn’t want to insult the questioner — that they believe such a ridiculous proposition doesn’t compel you to simply insult their person, however, if you were to answer the question honestly, they would take offence. You’re caught in a pickle now, so what then? Dishonesty? Appeasing their fantasy?

I find myself there often enough… hating to lie, not wanting to argue with anyone or insult their belief systems, and then hating myself for being patronizing by lying. And the ironic thing is that these are usually people whose belief systems actually compel them to insult you. It puts rational people in the very uncomfortable position of 1. being insulted and 2. coddling the person doing the insulting.

On this blog, we’re not in that uncomfortable position. And, yeah, we’re on the offense, because AA shouldn’t get to rely on being coddled by the rest of the world’s basic human decency and benefit of the doubt. And it shouldn’t get to hide behind its own “we’re all just individual members and no one speaks for AA” — while its members take advantage of that trust and anonymity by driving each other crazy.

So, there’s one answer — definitely not the whole answer — to the question people keep asking: Why are you bashing AA? But for those of you who wonder why, and keep asking why: each and every post on this blog is an answer to that question.