I was listening to this interview with Cardinal Cormack Murphy-O’Connor, in which he says that people who do not believe in God are not “fully human.” He says, there’s “something not totally human, if they leave out the transcendant.” And it brought to mind the “not truly sober” phrase I hear from AAs quite often. If you’re not working the steps — turning yourself over to your HP, having that spiritual awakening — you’re not truly sober.

Human-ness is more than being a human being — even more than being an compassionate, loving, curious, joyful human being. Without God, you’re not “truly” human. A nasty prick of misery is more human, if he’s got God. And without God, you can be fulfilled, creative, inspired, peacful, but you’ll never be “truly sober” without the steps.

Not religion… snnk!