Bill Wilson, that self-professed “worshipper of science”, ‘thanks but no thanks’ MIT applicant, tossed his hat into the post-Newtonian realm of extra-dimensional physics with the following:

“We have found much of heaven and we have been rocketed into a fourth dimension of existence of which we had not even dreamed.” (Alcoholics Anonymous, pg. 25 — “There Is A Solution”, April 1939)

Albert Einstein, a non-alcoholic, non-humble, profuse denier of a personal god, took a different approach.  To wit:

“Ruv – (1/2) guv R = (8 Pi G/c4) Tuv”

(Really only one of a set of equations describing the warping of the 4th dimension of ‘space/time’ published in Einstein’s 1915 paper on “General Relativity” [describing the experimentally verified bending of light by the force of gravity, pulsars, & at the time still theoretical ‘blackholes’] – itself an expansion on Einstein’s establishment of ‘space/time’ as a 4th dimension in his 1905 paper on “Special Relativity”.)

Einstein’s theories of a 4th dimension of space/time have been experimentally verified repeatedly, beginning in 1918.  The next time you use your car’s GPS to get you to that out-of-town AA meeting, you’re using technology that’s grounded in Einstein’s 4th dimensional, space/time theory.  

Bill’s rockets to celestial realms of existence that sound really cool on paper … not so much.

So, I’m left wondering: was Wilson (great man of science & philosophy he no doubt was) just plain ignorant to use the ‘4th dimension’ metaphor 20 years after that fact that the physical nature of that 4th dimension had been theorized, tested, & verified … or was he just yanking the chains of people he thought were too booze-addled to call him on his pie-in-the-sky bullshit?

Hmmm … I wonder … ?

(Next up: Bill Wilson Vs. Quantum Probability)