Here on Stinkin’ Thinkin’, we’re all about quality, not quantity (except in our word count), and I can say unequivocally that, as far as our commenters go, we have it goin’ on in the Quality Commenter Department.

I am hoping to drum up a little quanitity right now, because this issue has interested me for quite a long time, and today the news is that New York is presenting bill S.27-b/A.7196a, that would require all DWI offenders, even first-time, to install an ignition interlocking device in their cars, meaning that the operator has to pass a breathalizer test in order to start the engine.

On this issue, I tend toward draconian. I just can’t find fault with the proposal — except for the time-limit: there shouldn’t be one. Not only that, but I’d be content to see one of these devices installed into every moving vehicle that passes inspection. It would probably save more lives than our seatbelt laws or cell phone laws do, and definitely more than our emmissions standards do.

Am I missing something? Tell me why I’m off the mark. Fill me in on this.