Goodmorning. I just followed a link from the blamedenial group (thank you, Mike!) to a site called Defeat Addictions, and I wanted to call your attention to it. It’s a comprehensive, resource-dense site, whose mission is, as they state on their front page:

-We believe faith in the Word of God, developing a strong belief in yourself, discovering the hidden power within, understanding addiction is a CHOICE, taking responsibility for your addictive behavior, changing your environment, and discarding the destructive disempowering beliefs, is the road to a FULL RECOVERY. We provide you with informative resource links to articles, your physical and mental health, top research on alcohol and drug addiction, self-test and self-diagnosis tools, self-help and self-recovery tools, and FREE self-interventions, self-change, and non 12-step alternative recovery programs. We give you all the educational tools and resources to defeat your alcohol and drug addictions absolutely FREE. The right education is the key to a successful recovery.
-The disease model is one of hopeless dependency and an irresponsible excuse for addictive behavior. We believe the majority of  addicts are willing to take responsibility for their substance abuse and have found working the 12-steps helped only a
small minority of people with their addiction problems. We provide YOU with an alternative to America’s incurable disease mentality on addicts’ learned  behavior and give you the tools you need to assist you in making the required behavioral changes totally ON YOUR OWN without the dependency on recovery groups or conventional treatment programs. Addicts who are willing to accept responsibility for their addictive behavior and make the choice to change will succeed. Our FREE programs will get you started on the right path to a FULL RECOVERY.