From CTV in Montreal:

She was stabbed in the head. Her cheek, jaw and eye socket were smashed. She spent two months in a coma and sustained brain damage.

On Monday, a judge ruled that her attacker– a man who pleaded guilty– will not spend any more time in jail.

In September 2005, Marcia Langleib, then 52, was waiting for a metro at the Snowdon station when Peter Nidzielsky, then 27, tried to sexually assault her.

He was severely intoxicated at the time. He slammed her face into a wall and stabbed her in the head. Five people intervened and were attacked as well.

“I’m not allowed to work, I walk slower,” Langleib told CTV Montreal earlier this month. “He took out a tooth; he broke my jaw.”

Now she sports a scar on her face that winds from the bottom of her left eye down to her chin. She used to work as an esthetician; since the assault she has not been able to concentrate long enough to read a book.

Well, it turns out that Mr. Nidzielsky isn’t going to jail for this. He’s going to serve 2 years of house arrest, with allowances for work and AA meetings. Apparently, by the court date, he had proven himself by attending meetings for his alcoholism and anger issues, and the judge was impressed:

He used his time between the first and second sentencing to get help for a drug addiction and anger management problems. By the time he was in front of the judge for the second sentencing he appeared as a rehabilitated man.

“You’re taking your life in your hands; you showed remorse,” said Justice Isabelle Rheault in court. “It won’t change much for Mrs. Langleib, but my job is to put everything on a balance.”