Hi. I’m MA, and I feel like shit.

You know how you feel in the morning when you wake up after a night of raising hell and drinking cheap booze all night? Of course you do. I wish I felt that good. Which is to say I am feeling like shit. No, I didn’t get liquored up last night, but I think I may have picked up this swine flu that everybody is talking about. I can’t breathe very well, and my head feels like it weighs ninety pounds. This is why I haven’t posted anything here in a couple of days.

I could just lay around and complain about my affliction, but I have decided instead to test the effectiveness of the 12-steps on this bug. I admit that I am powerless over this thing. Nothing I have done has really helped to relieve my misery. So step one is done. I’m unable to do anything about the flu on my own. Next I had to select a higher power. I first considered using my bottle of Nyquil as my higher power, but I think that might make me fall victim to a placebo effect. So, I instead made it my dog, Fenway.

I’ve done my moral inventory, and after looking at it, I have to admit I am a bit of asshole. So, I already told Fenway, and now I am telling you good people. This takes care of steps 4 and 5. Now I’m waiting for Fenway to do something for me, but at this moment he is licking his balls.

I’ll stick around the house and wait for step 6 to kick in, but Fenway looks happy doing what he is doing, so I guess I should move on to getting a sponsor. I think I’ll make my sponsor you folks – the readers of our blog. Any advice or suggestions as I work my way through the steps toward flu recovery will welcome.

Thanks for your support.