Bullshit slogan of the day:
When your head begins to swell, your mind stops growing.

This is one of more absurd AA sayings, because the last thing they want to happen is for a member’s mind to start growing. From the moment one walks into the door, they are told not to think. What this really means is that if you express an original thought or idea, that is your ego telling you that you are too smart for the program. Another AA slogan is “bring the body, and the mind will follow”, and this is really what is expected.

The program is designed to indoctrinate people into the idea that they are morally bad, which is a myth that AAs delight in perpetuating about themselves. One thing that is often heard in and around AA meetings is “As alcoholics, we are…”, followed by a pejorative laced description of a stereotypical alcoholic. The Orange Papers contain a good section on this here. The problem with idea that alcoholics are inherently more compulsive, selfish, angry or any other negative characteristic; has no basis in fact. It is an easy myth to perpetuate, because most alkies have done some rotten things as a consequence of their addictions. Remove the addiction, and you will remove the shortcomings. AA, like all cults, wants people to believe that they are morally bankrupt, and salvation lies only within the group. Working the steps keeps these moral failings in check. Any expression of self confidence or self determination is quickly shot down with something like this inane slogan.