Bullshit slogan of the day:
“Sobriety is a journey ……….not a destination”

Translation: There is no exit strategy.

This goes along with “don’t quit before the miracle” and “change is a process, not an event”. One mistake a newcomer to AA makes is the assumption that he or she is there to stop drinking, so it comes as a surprise to learn that there is no exit from the program, even after a person is free of their addiction. Quitting drinking is just a consequence of the overall change brought on by the religious experience of AA, and leaving the group is like leaving the Christian faith because you have been baptized. A person in any religion is a lifer, and they are encouraged to stay in their religion with the threat of eternal damnation. In AA, they receive similar threats of being subjected to a living hell of alcohol abuse if a person wants to leave the group. “Do the steps or die” is a common slogan, as is “alcoholism is the only disease that tells you you’re all right”. If, for example, you are feeling good about yourself, that you are in control and no longer have a desire to drink, you will be told these things if you express a desire to leave the group. AA is journey with no destination – ‘cept maybe the funny farm.