One of the slogans in AA is “I can go from grateful to hateful in a second”. That seems to be true of this woman in Washington, who got liquored up after her last AA meeting, and she threw a bit of fit. Now she is sitting in jail, and my bet is that she gets some sort of court ordered 12-Step based treatment (seeing as though it is working so well for her already).

"I'm still waiting for those promises!"

"I'm still waiting for those promises!"

Kitsap Sun – Poulsbo, WA
“A 43-year-old Poulsbo woman was arrested Thursday after drinking too much and becoming violent, according to Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office reports….

The woman had been at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting before drinking at a friend’s house. Her boyfriend and son, who had been overseas, had planned to surprise her by keeping her son’s visit a secret.

The woman came home drunk, according to reports, and was upset because her night had been interrupted. She became suspicious when she saw her boyfriend and son getting along — the pair have disagreed in the past, according to reports.

She threw things at her boyfriend, including a mug, utility light, an ashtray and ceramic flower pot, according to reports. The boyfriend forced her outside, then called police.

The woman was found covered in mud on a trail behind the house. She told deputies when she saw her boyfriend getting along with her son she thought he was going to propose. When he didn’t she became angry, according to reports.”

HERE is a link to the full article.