This news is a couple of weeks old… but that’s what I get for dorking around on youtube and hitting the refresh button at Cute Overload all day long.

The NIH, NIAAA and DHHS  have launched a solid new website called Rethinking Drinking, which introduces new guidelines and also endorses several alternative resources to Alcoholics Anonymous. Here’s a quote from their “Professional Help” page:

There are several counseling approaches that are about equally effective—12 step, cognitive-behavioral, motivational enhancement, or a combination. Getting help in itself appears to be more important than the particular approach used, as long as it offers empathy, avoids heavy confrontation, strengthens motivation, and provides concrete ways to change drinking behavior. See resources for organizations to help you find a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, or other substance abuse professional.

On their resources page, they provide links to SMART, SOS, Women for Sobriety, Moderation Management, among many other treatment options. This is progress.