Bullshit slogan of the day:
“Sometimes your brain needs washing”

The AA faithful have an amazing ability to deny the obvious. Saying an organization is not religious, while teaching written commandments that tell the flock that they must turn their lives over to God, is a good example of this absurdity. I believe that if The Big Book wrote that it never rains, a person could have an argument in a rainstorm with an AAer who is declaring it be sunny and balmy. An AAer will also tell you that AA is not cult, while in the same breath tell you that “there is nothing wrong with brainwashing if your brain needs washing”. This saying is big with the old-timers, and it goes along well with its ugly cousin “you need a check-up from the neck up”.

This blog was referenced below under “related blogs” titled “What I get out of the twelve steps”. This quote is typical:

“Someone asked me what I get out of the 12 Steps. Well, I get faith, serenity, happiness, friendship, comradery out of the 12 Steps. I know most people will think I am brain washed, but you know what I heard a great line: Sometimes our brains need a good washing. I’ll take positive brain washing to being an active addict any day of theweek.”